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Chapter 14, The Human Biological Machine As A Transformational Apparatus By EJ Gold

We normally think that we have our whole lives to accomplish this work, but the fact is that our energy for transformation will have dissipated itself by the time we are older.

We must have completed the transformational process before we run out of the resilience and flexibility required to complete the alchemical process of transformation.

Alchemy is a discipline in which an individual uses that machine to refine different substances, combining and separating and processing them by various means, over a long period of time, through the use of slow heat- by which is meant the application of inexorable and unwavering attention-producing a chemical and electrical mutation of the machine which is only a reflection of a much deeper internal mutation of the essential self.

With ordinary methods, we can learn chemistry, a very simple subject, wherein we pour a chemical substance from one beaker to another. It is easy to see and measure ou results because the process is all external.

In the process of alchemy, however, we are dealing with the chemical factory hidden within the human biological machine.

In this case we cannot just pour from one beaker to another. To obtain exact results, we must stimulate by very precise means definite sectors of the brain and nervous systenm, which in turn stimulate muscle and nervous system interactions, releasing chemicals through the use of heat and electricity, causing substantive changes in the machine.

We are not dealing with beakers and test tubes, but with very minute chemical changes which are governed by the glandular system, brain and nervous system. If we know exactly how to stimulate the brain and nervous system, it will in turn stimulate the glandular system, muscular system and vascular system, stimulating and retarding chemical changes.

This process of alternate stimulation and retardation was called in the Western alchemical condition solve et coagula.

Because we are stimulating the brain and nervous system, and not just pouring from one beaker to another, we are forced to use psychological and emotional methods to stimulate the brain and nervous system, which in turn will stimulate the glandular system in an exact way, producing the exact changes we wish to produce.

Suppose that we know exactly what it is we want to do. Suppose we know, in other words, a method, an exact strategy for change.

If we were ordinary in our approach and we followed some cookbook or other we would psychologically stimulate thoughts and emotions which would in turn stimulate and retard chemical and electrical processes in the machine.

We are supposing in this case that the deeper internal transmutation is a product of the machine's change, but the fact is that we do not wish to change the machine directly at all; we wish to use changes in the machine as a roadmap, bu which we can follow a much deeper inner change.

Alchemy is not a way of producing change in the machine; it is a way of notating change as it occurs.

If we were to follow the indications of alchemy, trying to artificially produce alchemical results directly in the machine without the deeper internal change of which they are only a reflection, we would not see real results; just changing the temperature of the thermometer does not change the temperature of the body.

An alchemical notebook is a traveler's record, a log book, a map, notating the change which has been brought about in the machine by a deeper internal mutation. In this way, the human biological machine can be used as a transformational apparatus and as a biofeedback device indicating transformational changes as they occur by noting the effects upon the machine.

All the apparent complexity of alchemy disappears when we realize that all of the alchemical notation are results, not causes, of real changes in the essential self, which occur in a cumulative sequence.

So the alchemical sequence notated in alchemcial notebooks is a roadmap of the evolution of the essential self.

When an alchemical event occurs in the machine, we can check it against our roadmap to see our progress and determine our next step according to our work strategy.

And we can be sure that this change in the essential self has occurred unless we have acted directly upon the machine to produce this change artificially just for our personal enhancement.

It is possible to artificially produce what are alchemical changes in the machine without the cause, what is called the First Cause, of the First Water. The First Cause is the deep change occurring in the essential self.

The catalyst is the machine which produces transformation in the essential self, which is then relected in the machine which is then capable of additional transformational effects upon the essential self, provided the machine is awake to exert these transformational effects, which are reflected by the transformed essential self upon the machine.

The human biological machine then becomes a different transformational apparatus producing a different change in essential self which is reflected in the machine, which produces a further change in the machine, and because it is a different machine produces a different transformational effect, and so forth.

It is changing because it reflects the cumulative transformations of the essential self, becoming a different machine producing a different change which is relfected in the machine producing a different change reflecting the machine in an upward spiral of mutual reciprocal initiation. Once this process begins there is no stopping it.

If the machine falls asleep, the process does not stop, it simply ceases to continue.

The alchemical process is cumulative. It does not regress, but it may not continue for a hundred-thousand years.

At each complete alchemical process, the process is stabilized. There is no reversal so, once begun, it must be finished, otherwise we will be forced to live in pain; the cup will not pass from us.

But this is just a temporary- in the larger scale of evolution- cessation of the process of continuation. It is not an end, not a stop, not an escape. There is no escape. We are not a stranger here. We did not come here from a different planet.

An alchemical notebook is not a cookbook; it is a map. Can we see the difference between a cookbook and a map? A cookbook we would follow like a recipe, working backwards.

One is linear, one is not linear. The cookbook we follow step-by-step, with a map, we can look anywhere we want.

What do we actually need to know about alchemy? Awakening of the machine produces transformation, and transformation is reflected in alchemical resultes in the machine.

If we know how to read the map sufficiently to find the little re arrow that says,"you are here", and we know how to move this little red arrow when appropriate, in other words , we recognize changes in the machine when they occur, by having some attention on the machine, then we know everything necessary about alchemy except the details of the map, which anyone can learn just in the course of working to awaken the machine.

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