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On Higher Hydrogens and the Alchemical Factory

In the The Human Biological Machine As A Transformational Apparatus EJ Gold provides a useful model for the illustration of some aspects of the evolutionary process. Understand the human biological machine as an electrical field that includes your body and its context, its set and setting - all aspects of its experience. The electrical field of the essential self, the essential you that resides on the non-phenomenal side of the veil, has a certain affinity for partnership with the human biological machine into which it has "fallen". Under the correct conditions, this is a partnership of mutual reciprocal initiation. Each electrical entity can potentially serve to help transform the other in a vibrational ascent until at some point the two become one. Transforming the human biological machine into a functioning electrical conductor for invoked presence is a primary aim of the evolutionary work that is pointed to in HBM and other great works by Mr. Gold.

The human biological machine is made to function as an alchemical factory in its role as a transformational apparatus for the essential self. We take in substances that provide fuel for the functioning of the factory through the ingestion of food, through the air that we breathe, and in the form of impressions. Ordinary food is broken down and transformed into nutrients that fuel the body's various functions. Certain kinds of food and conditions for the ingestion of that food are conducive to raising the dimensionality of those same nutrients. We are given "the daily bread" of air and impressions and these can be transubstantiated into more rarefied substances that when collected can be used for evolutionary work. But due to the conditioning that we accepted for survival in an artificial culture, the average human biological machine must first be brought to the point where transubstantiation of raw material into higher dimensional substances is even possible. Certain fundamental chemical changes must take place. These changes can be brought about through special evolutionary school conditions.

Let's look briefly at the model provided by P.D.Ouspensky with his Table of Hydrogens. In his diagrams he gives food, water and air certain chemical numbers, referring to vibrational levels. We might call these numbers dimensional tags that refer to the point of origin of these basic necessities, which are labeled according to the number of laws to which that "world" or dimension is subject. Sense impressions, not what you call experiences or memories, which are processed through the brain, but pure sense impressions come in at hydrogen 24. Food and water are at 192 or lower - 768 for food. In his placement of impressions as hydrogen 24, Ouspensky identified something that the shaman knows. Without the debilitating effect that conditioning has, the filters of the human brain, the impressions coming in are of the unveiled Kingdom itself, or at least what we'll call various chambers of the Great Labyrinth.

It is possible to both seek out the finest impressions, impressions that are higher dimensionally, and to combine those impressions as they come in with substances that raise their dimensionality. Actually, it is only necessary to keep from lowering them, degrading them after they enter the machine. The machine is meant to function alchemically, it just has atrophied in modern man. In fact, it' s not so much that one need do a series of things to make this or that happen in the machine. What's necessary is that the machine's will in the sleeping state not impose itself and cause corruption of the substances that come in from a higher source.

Obviously we are not talking of ordinary horizontal sleep here. In modern man's atrophied state, the life of the essential self is passive to the active principle of the machine. One result is that impressions are taken in by the machine and degraded into waste products, objectively speaking, instead of being taken in and transubstantiated into higher nutrients by means of the presence of invoked presence. Awakening the machine means, among other things, reversing this relationship - the essential self becomes the active principle to the passive principle of the machine. This reversal along with other chemical and electrical changes enables the machine to operate as the alchemical factory that it should. In the awakened state, one knows what to do to process higher hydrogens. The characteristic of the sleeping machine of not knowing, of not being able to do in relation to the chemical factory is changed in the waking state of the same machine.

The Science of the Alteration of Atmospheres can be used to help create conditions that encourage the machine's awakening, which naturally affects the ability to receive and collect higher substances. The alchemical oils work by changing the personal ambient atmosphere of the machine. Through an alteration of atmosphere that does not significantly alter the basic chemistry of the machine itself, the essential self is better able to invoke its own presence, thereby providing a radiological factor that is necessary to the functioning of the machine as a transformational apparatus. The chemistry of the machine is altered by exposure to higher radiations caused by this concentrated presence. There are also alterations effected by the Heisenberg principle which determines that even simple observation alters the thing observed, and that certain special very intense forms of observation and concentrated attention produce very unusual evolutionary changes.

When embarking on a serious study of the alteration of atmospheres one learns many things simultaneously. One learns how to learn. It is necessary to develop a finely tuned attention to the details of different kinds of atmospheres. In order to fully grasp the significance of these atmospheric alterations, one must completely familiarize oneself with the various specific properties of atmospheres in general; their ordinary aromatic, visual, auditory, tactile, emotional, electrical, and magnetic properties. By working with the oils, presenting them to many individuals and learning to match and subtly alter ambient personal atmospheres, one learns by direct personal experience the atmospheric and olfactory keys to invocational work.

The oils can have the same general effect on higher dimension presences that honey has on bees. If incense is also employed, or the oils are mixed and compounded, an entirely different invocational result can be obtained including labyrinth voyaging and navigation in the higher dimensions. The science of perfumery when viewed in an invocational light, that is, in its effects and results is more correctly termed The Science of the Alteration of Atmospheres.

Knowledge of the non-phenomenal effects of the oils comes only with a long -term serious technical study of the processes of evolutionary alchemy, just as in ordinary organic or non-organic chemistry. Serious study with guidance is necessary before one begins to compound formulas using the oils. Consider that such compounds could be, in the evolutionary sense of the word, dangerous substances . Although not dangerous in the ordinary chemical sense, they could produce invocational effects seriously damaging to the evolutionary process. In order to begin using the Alchemical Gold Essential Oils with any invocational exactitude, you must realistically spend a sufficient effort over a period of years becoming associated with the successful personal and group invocations of intelligent presences that are beneficent to the work. Mr. Gold has provided numerous writings and other materials that offer methods for successful invocation.

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