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On the Use of Alchemical Essential Oils

The chemical changes which are produced in us as a result of special evolutionary school conditions prepare the machine as a functioning electrical conductor for invoked presence, which is the primary aim of our work here on the phenomenal side of the veil. For our later work on the non-phenomenal side of the veil, these changes also indirectly prepare the non-phenomenal self.

The alchemical oils help to prepare the machine for work without significantly altering the basic chemistry of the machine. Their function is to change the personal ambient atmosphere around the machine, which increases the ability of the essential self to invoke its own presence which in turn directly alters the chemistry of the machine by exposure to the higher radiations caused by this concentrated presence along with the inevitable chemical and electrical alterations effected by the Heisenberg principle which determines that even simple observation alters the thing observed, and that certain special, very intense forms of observation and concentrated attention produce very unusual evolutionary changes. This change alone, is, however, not sufficient and relies upon certain other methods related to voluntary activity and the impartial harnessing of the lower centrums.

In addition, it should be noted that these oils have the same general effect on higher-dimension presences that honey has on bees. If, in addition to this, incense is employed, or the oils are mixed and compounded, an entirely different invocational result is obtained including labyrinth voyaging and navigation in the higher dimensions. The science of perfumery when viewed objectively in an invocational light- that is to say, in its effects and results- is obviously more correctly termed, The Science of the Alteration of Atmospheres.

In order to fully grasp the significance of these atmospheric alterations, one must completely familiarize oneself with the various specific properties of atmospheres in general; their ordinary aromatic, visual, auditory, tactile, emotional, electrical, and magnetic properties. By working with the oils, presenting them to many, many individuals and learning to match and subtly alter ambient personal atmospheres, you will soon learn by direct personal experience the atmospheric and olfactory keys to invocational work.

Knowledge of the non-phenomenal effects of the oils comes only with a long term serious technical study of the processes of evolutionary alchemy, just as in ordinary organic or non-organic chemistry. Serious study is necessary before you think of compounding formulas using these truly potent alchemical oils. Consider that such compounds could be, in the evolutionary sense of the word, dangerous substances which, although not dangerous in the ordinary chemical sense, could produce invocational effects seriously damaging to the evolutionary process.

In order to begin using the Alchemical Gold Essential Oils with any invocational exactitude, you must realistically spend a sufficient effort over a period of several years becoming associated with the successful personal and group invocation of angelic presences and have familiarized yourself with the definite sensations of angelic presence.

If you have never actually felt the sensations of higher presences, as subtle as they sometimes are, you might do well, before you abandon in premature despair any attempt to go beyond personal enhancement with the alchemical oils, to try the deliberate invocation of one or two angelic presences both as an individual and as part of an invocational group.

I have outlined in writings several methods for successful invocation. You can work with these methods using the American Book of the Dead, Creation Story verbatim and particularly Volume X, the script of the play, The Creation Story Verbatim. More methods will be presented in an introductory form in the study materials I am presently producing for the Work Circle.

All in all, I have made many presentations of methods for angelic invocation, and while oils are not intended to replace knowledge and serious effort, they can be used to reinforce and enhance these efforts, and are in themselves extremely valuable in the exact alteration of personal and ambient atmosphere for the purpose of specific angelic invocations. Without some definite discipline in sitting quietly with intense concentrated attention and equally intense but diffused vision during an invocation - that is, free of the continual fidgeting and squirming which automatically proceeds from the untrained moving centrum - it would not be possible to sense anything, much less angelic presence. And, at the same time, experience over a long period of time in placing and concentrating the attention on the sensations of the machine and invocation of presence as outlined in my writings, will soon help you to determine the exact invocational effect of an alchemical oil.

As to the evolutionary effect, well…that's a long way off. Evolutionary effects may begin to manifest during the process of personal voluntary evolution in preparation for the Work, some of which are immediately evident, and some of which are only evident after decades of work. Many evolutionary effects never become visible without personal evolution to the corresponding gradation, just as it takes a nuclear physicist to understand a nuclear physicist, according to the second highest cosmic law, "It Takes One To Know One".

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