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I learned of IDHHB in 1986 when I lived in Alaska. I was working with a body therapist who did both individual and group exercises in practicing presence and attention. One day I was with a group of his students watching a video of some renunciants doing moving meditations to the music of E. J. Gold. I was struck with the instant thought, "here is my family." Where did THAT come from? It's a long story but ever since I was four years old, I had a sense that I belonged somewhere outside of my birth family. The details are unimportant for this testimonial but when I saw the video, I had an overwhelming sense of recognition.

Eventually, I found my way down to California and met everyone with IDHHB throughout a weekend that included an art auction and visiting some of the IDHHB businesses including The Perfumerie. I had a fragrance designed for me…it was a simple blend of white and green musk. I was compelled to smell the wrists of everyone there with their permission and the recognition factor deepened even more. Each person had their individual smell but somehow they were each part of the whole. I know these people; I was convinced. This weekend and my interactions there made an imprint on me that still remain.

In the summer of 1990, I purchased the Alchemical Gold oils from a friend who was about to go off to become a disciple of another spiritual teacher. It was from this purchase commitment that my perfume business was born. I began simply, "making no sudden moves', practicing creating scents from the small stash that I had. I slowly purchased more Alchemical Gold oils. I opened up a small shop inside a metaphysical bookstore that I operated in the weekends. I began to conduct appointments in my home and did perfume parties and registered for various fairs. Eventually, in the mid-90's, I began to make fragrances for people around the world through the Internet.

My mentor said two statements that became my guideposts for my perfume business:

1. "You have to get out of your own way." Magical perfumery, based upon exercising presence and attention, is largely an intuitive art form. In the beginning, I used to stop myself from blending certain oils together, thinking to myself that they can't possibly go well together. The less I did that and followed my inklings in blending, the better the fragrance was. I have been blending now for nearly 11 years and the more I get out of my own way, the more my skills grow and the clearer I am with the next step I need to take with my perfume business. It's like being open to Creation and listening to her voice, working in harmony with her whisperings. I become intertwined with what it is that Creates, a vessel for something to become from that which began as nothing.

2. "You have to be aware of your intention. If you intention is to make money, it won't work." I found that in the beginning, I would be thinking to myself as I created a blend for someone that I hoped, hoped, hoped that they would buy for me as I needed the money. My blending skills as well as my interaction with my client suffered significantly when I had money as the focus. I have proof of this over and over again. I learned that when I really attended to my client and what she wanted, the blending process was smooth and the purchase of the fragrance was inevitable by the client because they experienced something real in our interchange. With the Alchemical Gold Oils, the product sells itself if the interaction is pure. I have seen peoples' mood change dramatically as a result of spending some time just talking and blending. It is now a constant thought for me now to be of service to the person I am working with. If I come from that orientation and commitment, I can intrinsically trust that whatever it is that needs to happen during our interchange happens.

My perfuming craft continued to grow and unfold even when I had to temporarily pull back in my efforts to promote my business in the late 90's. I learned that even if there aren't any outward signs of action, internal growth was still happening. Though I live in Colorado, I found that certain themes happening in my life mirrored what was happening at IDHHB even during extended periods of not having any tangible forms of contact with IDHHB. It's all same, contact, no contact, if the intention remains. I am grateful for the Alchemical Gold Oils being a tool that is a doorway into the Unknown. The discovery along the way has been multi-dimensional and I am so appreciative that I have the opportunity to learn about caring about other people through using this tool.


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