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In my experience with the oils, I've had some interesting contacts and insights. One of the most intriguing to me is the discovery of the associations of a particular smell.

On one such occasion while I was selling the oils at a jewelry show, a number of people came to me with very similar sweet smelling skin. Each of these people had really not much else in common with each other except that they all were artistically inclined in one form or another. One was a painter, another a jeweler, another a dancer, a photographer and so on...and I happened to remark to one of these people that due to their creativity a paricular chemical release occurred in their body, which produces a sweet, pleasing scent.

At the time I was making an educated guess, though later on I relayed my idea to EJ. He responded, quite pleased, and said that there actually is a hormonal release similar to the kind that occurs in pregnant women. It is a sweet aroma and is produced because of the creative thinking process. I was tickled. From my own research, I was able to accurately deduce a subtle human biological chemical process.


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