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Here are some testimonials from those that have worked with the Alchemical Gold Essential Oils. There are different levels of application of the Science of the Alteration of Atmospheres represented here, to give as wide a view as possible of the opportunities that the Alchemical Gold Essential Oils offer one in the realm of alchemical transformation.

Testimonial I

"...From that moment on, however, I felt like I had been socked in the solar plexus and started to compulsively search for that smell, as if my very life depended on it...."

Testimonial II

"...He responded, quite pleased and said that actually there is a hormonal release similar to the kind that occurs in pregnant women. It is a sweet aroma and is produced because of the creative thinking process..."

Testimonial III

"...I learned that when I really attended to my client and what she wanted, the blending process was smooth and the purchase of the fragrance was inevitable by the client because they experienced something real in our interchange..."

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