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sandalwood Sandalwood

For thousands of years Sandalwood has been prized for its many positive attributes. It is to be noted that unlike other wood based oils, the essence is distilled from the inner wood of the tree, rather than the bark. Pure Mysore Sandalwood, considered to be the best, has a mellow fragrance that is slightly musky. It is a wonderful base note that blends well with other base notes and such florals as Jasmine and Rose. Our Sandalwood compound plays on the wood-like aspects of the fragrance, enhancing the resinous, mellow quality. It's beautiful and can be worn alone or in combination by both men and women.

Sandalwood is associated with the sphere of Netzach in the Qabala. It has been used for numerous healing purposes, and is also a favorite for use in blends intended to arouse passions and overcome inhibitions. It is used spiritually for enhancing meditation, and is a favorite component in Indian and other temple incenses. It's chief planetary influence is Jupiter, and it is elementally an Earth oil.

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