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Rose is the queen of essences. It will figure prominently in many compounds along with Jasmine. This essence is a great modifier, rounding out sharpnesses and bringing together otherwise incongruent oils. Five hundred pounds of Rose petals will yield one ounde of attar! (Little wonder the pure attar is so expensive - but for the purist, we do have set aside some pure turkish rose.) Our rose compound emphasizes the clean and delicate properties of the fragrance and it can be employed to many good uses especially in the area of modification. It is quite volatile, so it requires the presence of other heavier oils to keep it down.

Rose is associated with Venus, the sphere of Netzach in the Qabala, and Love, naturally. It's elemental association is with the Earth. There are a number of ways in which it has been traditionally used for spiritual purposes as well, and it is one of the more all around therapeutic oils for emotional disturbances.

Price:$ 15.00/dram $22.50/2 drams
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