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Myrrh is one of the famous three substances given by the Wise Men in the story of the famous Birth. It would be a wise man indeed to offer Myrrh in a situation as unsanitary as a stable. Myrrh has long been prized for its medicinal effects, especially for its antimicrobial qualities. The smoke, which smells slightly bitter when compared to the resin before it is burned, would no doubt have been welcomed because of its antiseptic and vibrational raising effects.

Myrrh is also used as a base note in perfumery. Our compound takes the qualities of Myrrh that are so rich and resinous and rounds them such that the slight bitter smoky aspect of the aroma is not so prominent.

Myrrh has the elemental association of Fire, and it is also connected with the sun. The ancient and respected therapeutic values of this oil make it a favorite in areas of spiritual growth and it is said to awaken one's enthusiasm for this kind of focus.

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