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Magnolia is pure perfume. It is luxurious and soft and seductive. One of the first magnolia bouquet perfumes is said to have been created for the ladies of the night in New Orleans' famous French Quarter.

It is a beautiful, intoxicating fragrance that is unmistakeably feminine. Soft and strong at once, Magnolia embodies the feminine principle at its essential level. This amazing floral will blend well with many of the oils of the full range, doing surprising things with the deeper compounds like labdanum, patchouli, frankincense. It's sexual associations largely stem from the quality the fragrance has of breaking down barriers. This is evident in how the oil plays when in combination with other oils - it can bring out the better qualities in other oils with which it will quickly "marry". At the same time, being strong, one must find the correct proportion with this oil, or it can dominate.

Not surprisingly, Magnolia is associated with the planet Venus. It's elemental association is with Water, sometimes with Earth. Magically it is used for purposes of love, mostly, but it has also been known to help facillitate deeper meditation practice.

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