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We offer three different kinds of Jasmin compound, each with their own unique characteristics. Jasmin I reflects the higher white light qualities of the flower. The high notes seem to reach to a point, creating a sharp quality that can bring a fragrance blend to higher ground, so to speak. Jasmine has incredibly useful properties and its intoxicating fragrance is prized by many. The flowers must be picked before sunrise if they are to be used for the manufacture of essential oils as the chemical constituents that comprise its incredible fragrance are quite volatile, and will "fly off" with the sun's earliest rays. Jasmin II has the fragrance and appearance of pure Jasmin Grandiflora. It is blended to provide the middle note rounded qualities of the essence in a more diffused, less concentrated manner. We also have a Jasmine Orange, which is described separately. As the beautiful white blossoms bathing in moonlight might suggest, Jasmine has been associated with the Moon, which is an influence of the subconcious.

Price:$ 15.00/1dram, $22.50/2 drams
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