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A deep, soft and warm musk that is loved by many. It has certain attributes that remind one of the Frankincense compound, but as it evaporates, that powdery quality sometimes present with Frankincense does not present itself. This could have to do with the earthiness of Dark Musk as opposed to the watery quality of the Frankincense.(It should be noted that pure Olibanum, or Frankincense essence, is generally associated with the element of fire.The compound is different.) Dark Musk is strong and forgiving at the same time. It's a benign fragrance that is often a favorite of dark haired men and women. Dark Musk is the sweetest and earthiest of our musks, and can be used as a base component in blends. Musk is generally thought to act as an aphrodisiac. This property can be used to stimulate the self healing process by lending energy to it. One can see how different musk compounds with different elemental qualities can be used to mirror the particular earthy quality of the individual. That "raised earth" can then be as a platform upon which to build a fragrance that can lift to the world of spirit.

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