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Black Musk is a strong, regal and highly potent fragrance. This is not a fragrance to be taken lightly in any way - it is an oil to be used with some prudence. Black Musk lends elegance to a compostion, and as with most elegant things, the understated most clearly reflects that elegance. It is used in both women's and men's blends, and some daring folks are fond of wearing it alone, though in small amounts at the pulse points, as is appropriate for the use of all the oils. As with other musks, this compound acts as a base note, lasting for a very long time.

Black Musk is associated with the element of Fire. It is like liquid sunlight, it has so much solar energy to it. This kind of potency can be useful for many positive effects. The strength of the oil can influence one's personal ambient atmosphere, and inspire self assurance at times when this is weak or lacking in the individual.

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