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bergamot Bergamot

Bergamot is a refreshing, rejuvenating fragrance that offers not only the freshness of the top note citrus, but also a certain support that seems to go underneath the fragrance at the early stages of evaporation. It will act as a modifier in some cases, bringing together surprising combinations. It is often called upon to modify the natural fragrance of a cigarette smoker, which will have a certain acidic quality to the scent even in the rare case when the smell of the cigarettes isn't that heavily present.

The combination of its strength and lightness can be used to support so many different kinds of blends - Bergamot will blend well with just about all of the essential oils. This characteristic of the oil is also expressed in its ambient qualities. It is a mood uplifter, and is associated with the Sun as well as Saturn (the apparent gap can be bridged by the modifying effects earlier mentioned). Because of its strong, positive ambient effects as well as the gentle quality of its strength, it is often used with the intention of providing a protective atmosphere.

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