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Ambrette oil comes from ambrette seeds. It has a musky sort of fragrance and because of this, can have sexual associations. It is traditionally used for it's excellent fixative qualities, although it is being used more and more as a dominant note in some modern perfumes. It has a slightly musky fragrance - it is a middle to base note which, along with other base notes will form the final traces of a lot of perfumes. Ambrette has a light and buoyant quality about it, even though it is a musky fragrance, which is generally thought of as being heavy. This particularity can cause it to have a stimulating effect in a composition. It is often called on to lightly diffuse an oil blend while at the same time providing its fixative quality - it works especially well with strong floral compounds, like Magnolia or even fresh Rain, that sometimes might need lift and diffusion.

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