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Amber is a warm and soft resinous base note that is complete enough to be worn alone by men and women. It satisfies a lot of artistic women especially that like a fragrance which is not too 'perfumey'. Amber can be powdery on the skin when worn alone. It blends well with many of the other essential oils, acting as an excellent base especially in combination with Labdanum. When blended with Frankincense, the powdery quality that they both can impart is lessened and the resinous quality is enhanced, enriching the resulting fragrance. Amber tends to go well on brown, auburn or red haired people with golden or reddish complexions. The beautiful reddish honey color of the oil, and its soft, deep warmth suggests a connection.

Amber Oil is particularly balancing and grounding, thus it has been associated with healing. It's strength lies in this balancing quality, which can temper imbalances within us. There is a good balance between the masculine and the feminine notes present within the fragrance, which is why it is easily worn by both. Amber has been known to enhance telepathic powers. It has been associated with Mercury, as well as the sphere of Hod in the Qabbala.

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